BAYSIDE PURPOSE: We exist to help people know God, find Family, live in Freedom and discover their Purpose.

MINISTRY PURPOSE: To build a foundation on the Word of God in the children of Bayside. We accomplish this through a Bible driven curriculum, excellent weekend experiences, and relationships built through small groups.

BAYSIDE BIG 5: Teachable, Called, Hungry, Others Focused, Positive Attitude


WORK SCHEDULE: Part-Time - Tuesdays-Sunday

REPORTS TO: Campus Pastor



  • Build Teams
    • Implementing the recruitment, empowering, retaining, and coaching of Bayside Kids volunteers
    • Develop, pastor, and empower leaders and coaches.
  • Pastor Kids & Volunteers
    • Partnering with Discipleship department to help Bayside Kids volunteers through the growth track
    • Building a life-giving relationship with Bayside Kids children, parents, volunteers, and staff
  • Execute Weekend Services
    • Implementation of CS related content at your campus
    • Managing Bayside Kids Campus staff on campus specific issues


  • Events
    • Assist in the execution of Summer Camps, and other Bayside Global Events (Kingdom Builders, Global Worship Wednesdays, Special Events, etc.)
    • Oversee the execution of Parent Child Dedication, Fast Forward, etc. at their campus


  • Attend All Staff meetings once a month
  • Attend Employee Enrichment classes as mandated by Bayside Leadership
  • Attend Bayside Kids Central Support meeting & CS Director meeting once a month
  • SAP meetings as needed with Campus Pastors and Children’s Directors


  • The excellence of the overall weekend experience at Campus (service flow, check-in, pick-up, hospitality, volunteer care, parent care, staff management, etc.)
  • Ability to recruit and develop leaders, volunteers and teams.
  • Ability to work with other leaders & CS team to ensure excellence in children’s environments.
  • Ability to grow children’s ministry both numerically and spiritually.

By submitting an application, I acknowledge that my answers given are true and complete to the best of my ability. In the event that I am employed, I understand that any false or misleading information I knowingly provide in my application or interview(s) may result in discharge and/or legal action. I understand also that if employed, I am required to abide by all the rules and regulations of Bayside Community Church, Inc. and any special agreements reached by Bayside Community Church, Inc. and me.
Bayside Community Church is an Equal Opportunity Employer. While we do make employment decisions that are aligned to our faith and beliefs, we do not discriminate based on race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.

I understand, authorize and agree that Bayside Community Church, Inc. may conduct national and local criminal biographical searches, state sexual offender searches, credit files, and motor vehicle checks when applicable. I agree to sign any and all authorizations by appropriate companies or entities who are engaged in, including, but not limited to Florida Law Enforcement Division, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, and other necessary agencies.

This application is only valid for the position for which I am applying and will remain active for 45 days. If I wish to apply to another position or the 45-day active period has passed, I may need to resubmit an application.